Our mission is to be an Engineering company focused in the project, design, manufacturer and service for systems and, powering and control solutions on a broad field of applications – industry, civil engineering, naval, metallurgic, water dams, oil & gas,… – leveraging in every solution the advantages for the client.


Our vision is to be perceived as a leading and respected brand for powering solutions engineering,assuring an international quality and adding value to every customer and system we are involved with.


At Hcen we develop our activity among partners and clients on the broadest fields of engineering. We are focused on the applications and on the solutions developed by our partners. We develop a solution using the technology – electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical – that best fit the application. Also we develop the complete control for the power solution – automation – and its interface with the operation. The close and direct contact with the users from the beginning of the system design, leads to a more integrated and optimized overall solution.

Born within the Arcen Group, our experience for more than 20 years allows us to have presence worldwide and a multitask approach to solutions enriching the final complete system. We have been developing projects and systems in a broad range of applications, namely, water dams, bridge construction, industry and OEM equipment manufacturing. The ability to perform a close interaction with the user, by analyzing the systems’ needs and characteristics, at new and in-use system, allows the know-how and competence transfer between partners and Hcen, leading to a better problem solving or solution development. Having such a multitask team and resources, allows us to be involved in all the steps of system development, from installation to commissioning, start-up, problem solving, systems and components repair and maintenance.

Our Team


Empresa do Grupo Arcen, desenvolvemos soluções de accionamento para as mais diversas áreas de actividade e nas mais diversas soluções de engenharia. Com uma equipa multidisciplinar e com diversas valências, ambicionamos ser uma referência em clientes e projectos.

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