Following our strategy towards excellence, Hcen has established a partnership with Enerpac, the world’s biggest Company on industrial tools and heavy lifting equipment – an agreement that enables us to become an ENERPAC SPECIALIST PARTNER for H.L.T. (Heavy Lifting Technology) and to handle Enerpac group brands such as Equalizer, Mirage, Sweeney and Simplex.

Being safety and reliability of equipment and operations key features that allow establishment in harsh and demanding activity sectors – such as mining, oil&gas, offshore, wind power generation, civil construction, process industries, maintenance and naval construction – Enerpac group arises as a natural strategic partner.

With this agreement, Hcen, together with Enerpac, will be able to service all heavy lifting projects and products, from the project’s first approach to a complete retrofit or repair of an equipment.

Through this partnership, Hcen will continue to add value to its projects and customers, broadening the range of solutions and competence.

Hcen – Powering Solutions



To put into operation a certain structure or system is always a challenge and one of the most expected event of a power solution. The ability to make movement and dynamics on a structure, always raised curiosity and a challenged to all the project team, in the best possible response to a certain need.

Also inspired in the human capacity itself to power some systems, possible solutions aimed to be as efficient and creative as the human body. At this point, the experience and the strong commitment towards the best possible solution makes the difference. If we add to this the high know-how from systems and operations, thus being able to control speed and loads, the solution will be a success.Welcome to Hcen–Powering Solutions!


Empresa do Grupo Arcen, desenvolvemos soluções de accionamento para as mais diversas áreas de actividade e nas mais diversas soluções de engenharia. Com uma equipa multidisciplinar e com diversas valências, ambicionamos ser uma referência em clientes e projectos.

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